We believe that vineyard site and farming practices ultimately dictate the overall potential quality of any wine.

While we recognize the importance of exceptional cellar practices, we are ever aware that the vineyard should lead the way in determining what the wine is supposed to be. Fermentation techniques, barrel programs etc are chosen to get the most out of each vineyard, to elevate the fruit and to make the vineyard from which the wine was grown the focal point. It is with these guiding principles that we created Typicité.

Typicité is a French word often used to describe a wine that is true to its origins, reflective of the vineyard and the vintage from which it was grown, showing a purity of aromatics and flavors that is so true that it is unmistakably exactly what it is generally thought it should be. Typicité captures everything we were hoping to accomplish we decided to produce Pinot Noir from California’s famed coastal regions, to produce wines that are reflective of the vineyards they are grown.

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